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Beware of friends, after giving him too much alcohol his friends did this to him (Video)


It is ok to have friends until they disgrace you on social media. Images of a young man have been making rounds on social media this past weekend after opening the month of December with a a vibe. Since the country experienced too much rain majority got out of their homes regardless of the weather.

His friends gave him alcohol to get drunk a d later took videos of him go show you his girlfriend. After he lied about being home sleep due to rainy weekend. Next day young man became a social media laughing stock as one of his friends shared the video online. The guy was muddy he looked as though he is working for a construction company.

Images of him flooded the internet, while he woke up the next day feeling sick due to hangover and flu. His friends stopped caring instead laugher was the first thing in mind. Watch who you go out with, some friends are only buying alcohol to joke about you when drunk.

Immediately after he got drunk everyone took out their cellphone to take videos. And posted on social media " alcohol is not for everyone".

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