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Opinion: Woman Allegedly beat her man in the street while everybody is just watching

One thing that I've realised from the time I was growing up until now. When you hear a woman saying I can beat you, do your research before you challenge her. There are certain women that knows that they have got what it takes to take down a man.

There are women that knows that they are trained very well, and they have got a confidence in fighting. So a lot of men would just be pushed by their ego to fight with a woman, not knowing that you will get embarrassed in front of the people. Imagine this guy does not seem to be drunk, it shows that this woman has been overpowering him.

He has tried everything that he could, he had tried to punch the woman and he was missing. The woman had given him the test of his own medicine. Everybody is just watching, imagine if another woman is beating you in front of your wife and kids. This is so embarrassing. Men, it is wise not to fight a woman that you don't know what is she has got against you.

Thank you

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