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Mangwabe is Rich:See the R8Million Club that She owns that left Mzansi Speechless/Opinion

Musa Mseleku is a television personality and a polygamist. Uthando nesthembu, his television show, gained millions of viewers. Numerous folks were intrigued by the prospect of polygamy. Musa is married to four different women and is the father of a huge family. According to what we see on the show, polygamy is not easy; many men struggle to maintain satisfaction with a single women; imagine having four. They all rely on you to provide for them, to be present, and to be a decent husband and father at the same time. Additionally, he must work to provide food for his family.

Musa is fortunate to be affluent since it keeps the women happy.

Many women dislike being in a relationship with an impoverished man, especially if the man is polygamous.

South Africa was taken aback to learn that Mangwabe the Fourth wife ran a club called Maqaqa Exclusive Lifestyle in the most recent episode.

It is a joint venture between her and her brother. This is the club where Musa celebrated his surprise birthdays. Take a look below at some of the club's great images.

Musa is alleged to have spent R8 million on the club for Mangwabe.

Mangwabe is the club's owner, and her brother is the club's administrator.

Musa was definitely unreasonable in developing MaNgwabe's own enterprise unless Musa did the same for the other spouses.

This begs the question, however, of whether MaNgwabe entered this marriage just for financial benefit.

Musa self-funded her studies and founded her own businesses.

Recently, she has been disrespectful to Musa, prompting speculation that she has had enough and desires to end the marriage.

After all, she has developed into a self-sufficient lady capable of self-care.


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