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Why Is Zulu Traditional Wedding Attire So Beautiful? - Opinion

Traditional Zulu wedding attire is the same as traditional Zulu attire. The traditional Zulu bride's Isidwaba and Isicwaya are not necessarily made of leather; sometimes, different materials are employed. Some brides prefer to wear a Zulu dress with a traditional headgear instead of a skirt and shirt.

The bride and groom each design a pearl bracelet in the manner of the other to mark their marriage. Beaded necklaces are thought to be a symbol of love in Zulu traditional attire. So far, the majority of brides have chosen bright colors for their wedding cloak, skirt, and hat.

The Inkehli hat, a colorful variant of the beaded Imvakazi veil, is another beautiful option for the bride's headpiece. A Zulu woman in traditional dress can wear at least three garments in a single day. Zulu brides customarily wear an Isidwaba (leather skirt), an Isicwaya (skin-covered Isicwaya) to hide their boobs, and an Inkehli (head hat).

Members of the bridal party join in the celebration by wearing multicolored beaded neck and wrist decorations. The bride's legs and arms are adorned with red and white ocher designs. Women of the time wore beaded and twisted-fig-leaf veils, as well as ankle-high pebble bags attached to their feet, to retain their beat while dancing. A goat's hair neck fringe and a little knife known as an Assegai, which represents a woman's virginity, are part of Zulu traditional dress.

Traditional Zulu women's clothing mixes purity and beauty. Because of the imaginative and distinctive colors chosen, a girl wearing this style of design feels unique. If you prefer short skirts, there are many of African Zulu traditional costumes for women to pick from that are suited for any occasion while also being fashionable. Many of this year's concepts were influenced by African fashion, which is a global brand.

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