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Being In A Toxic Relationship Drains All Yourself Esteem And Confidence

I have been in a toxic relationship before better leave while you still can better safe than sorry. He will beat you and apologies mean while he does not mean it.

It all started well we were doing fine, he treated me like a queen and with respect. We were happy I even thought I have found true love, what is love?? If there's no respect ,trust and communications.

The is a say that goes like!!! ( MOSADI O TSHWARA THIPA KA BOGALE)( LEBITLA LA MOSADI KE BOGADI). That does not give man right to lay their hands on women. ( NGWANA YO OSA LLENG OSWELA THARING) it's better to let go, if your not happy in a relationship why stay?? Many told me to leave him but I thought they were jealous of me because he took care of me financially, My sister your family being poor won't kill you work hard for yourself to get what you want rather than being someone else's punching bag.

This was when he lost his job. He will go out everyday and return around 03h00 and he began to tell me that I cook crap am not a women enough I should wake up and make him a dissent meal because he is a pedi man and should obey him, he beat me in front of my children and calls me all kind of names, ended up in hospital for a week that's when I told my self that enough is enough. I left him he begged me and say he was sorry and I believed him and went back to him my mom warned me but I never listened to my mom instead I went back to him. He treated me well cooked for me, give me breakfast in bed and all that was to win my trust back I trusted him.

He started abusing me again, he would beat me and apologies mean while he does not mean it. My name is Kefilwe a survivor of Abuse, I made it while I can I left him and I don't regret my decision I am wise but was blinded by love that does not exist.





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