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Woman explains why some families are wealthy, hear what she said about unity (Video)


We happen to think that other people's success has to do with witchcraft or luck, forgetting that hard work and dedication pays off at the end of the tunnel. A woman shared a video explaining why most families happen to be richer all the time without having to explain themselves.

" They think about their generation before impressed the streets" she said. Wealth to them is about family planning, whoever ready to follow thr train is given an opportunity to excel. This is because they do not want top be the only ones applaud, so building others strengthens the whole family.

It is unfortunate that in our society it is a culture to bring down our family members even when wee see potential. And that culture brings us nothing but hate. Some individuals will say " family did not support my success" why should I bother helping, while the rich tell a different story. From my view minority of the people build their families by financing their education and businesses. Not because they have enough on the table but

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