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I thought I’d met my dream man - he took me to meet his mum & she was dead

I thought I’d met my dream man - he took me to meet his mum & she was dead

Following a blind date with the man she thought was "the man of her dreams," one lady recounts how he brought her home to see his mother, who was buried in the backyard.

The woman reveals that she had a gut feeling that this man was too good to be true, claiming that he went from being Christian Grey to becoming Ted Bundy in a matter of days after learning of his crimes.

It appeared to the woman that her date was too good to be true.

It appeared to the woman that her date was too good to be true.

"Listen up, because I assure you that this is going to blow your mind," the woman said on her TikTok channel, which she created.

The woman explained how she was set up on a blind date with a surgeon who was described to her as tall, dark, and handsome, as well as being ready to settle down. She posted her story under the domain @duchessofdecorum.

In her words, "the guy pulled up in his Porsche, he was 6ft 3 and absolutely stunning, he takes me to the best restaurant in town, and we had a lovely chat, he was exactly as represented."

"He was Christian Grey before Christian Grey - sans the sexual proclivities," the author continues.


She went on to say that the only thing wrong with the guy was that he wouldn't stop talking about his mother, but that she didn't consider this to be a dealbreaker.

"After dinner, he told me, 'I really like you, and I'd like you to meet my mother.' When I replied it was 9.30, he said she was always up, which I thought was a little strange.

It was at this point that the woman said that her gut instinct was not to accompany him, but she dismissed this as being paranoid after the evening had gone so well.

'I get into his car and we drive for about 45 minutes outside of Chicago,' she recalled. "I had no idea where I was, and I didn't even have a phone, so I couldn't make a phone call."

"I've seen horror movies that began like this before, and Christian Grey was slowly beginning to resemble Ted Bundy," the author continued.

When they arrived at his opulent residence, which she described as "like a castle," he "began to look like Christian Grey again," she added.

When they entered the house, she inquired as to where his mother was, and she was informed that he was out the back. She followed him to the back garden, where she had another gut feeling that something wasn't quite right.

It was pitch black, and we were walking through the grass when he came to a complete halt in the middle of the yard, according to the woman who witnessed it.

"And he says, 'Patty, this is my mother, this is my mother,' and he was talking to a freakin tombstone," she continued. He had buried his mother in his backyard, and I was convinced that this individual was out to get me."

The woman, who was terrified for her life and had no idea where she was, chose to go along with it.

In her words, "I talked to that freakin tombstone for 15 minutes, acting like everything was normal, like there was nothing wrong, like I could have won an academy award," she added.

He picked her up and drove her back to her apartment in the city, where she was able to enjoy herself on the date after she was assured of her safety.

My doorman came out of the car and I told him 'don't call me again, if you phone me again or I hear from you again, I've called the cops because you're sick,' and then I ran up to the second floor.

The woman brought the harrowing story to a close by emphasizing why you should always heed to your inner instinct.

"The conclusion of the story is to always follow your instincts. In her words, "You might end yourself talking to a gravestone for 15 freaking minutes, convinced that someone is trying to murder you if you don't listen."

The post has received more than 63k views and has been met with a diverse spectrum of responses.

"The moral of the story is to never get in a car with a stranger and go anyplace with no phone," one person commented.

"Where has the creep gone?" exclaimed another. He is not my surgeon, and I simply want to make sure."

The woman suggests that you should always go with your inner feeling.

The woman suggests that you should always go with your inner feeling.


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