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SA Youtubers Mpoomy Ledwaba And Brenden Praise Tackle The Topic Of Red Flags In Relationships

Youtubers mpoomy Ledwaba and Brenden praise tackle the burning issue of red flags in relationships.


Truly speaking relationships are quiet a lot of work I must say ,Many people are just out there struggling so much because of relationships and in the name of love.

Mpoomy Ledwaba and Brenden praise have raised very eye opening red flags that people should look out for in relationships because many people are just living with red flags in front of them but yet they just keep on ignoring those red flags.

Mpoomy shared a story of how her high school boyfriend used to not call her during the week and was like only called on fridays only.

That to her was a red flag and that the boyfriend had a status on his Facebook page that he was in a relationship with someone but that someone was not her.

Then Brenden shared that he was also ghosted for 6months by his girlfriend saying she was on a vacation meanwhile she has been long back but just decided to ghost him.

They raised a few points about the red flags to look out for when you are in a relationship or in a marriage.


If your partner is not willing to communicate with you everytime you have arguments that is a red flag.

Someone who can even go for like a whole week without talking to you yet you are living in the same roof is just not something that is right.

Communication show always lead.


When your partner has on and offs mood and dont talk with you for days,and just disappear in your life is a red flag.

3.Not meeting each others needs and boundaries

Some partners are just something else,they always struggle to meet their partners needs all the time,this is a total red flag because in a relationship or a marriage ,partners should always compromise for one another and also respecting each others boundaries.

If you cant respect each others boundaries then you will be all over each other's faces all the time.

4.controlling behaviour

If your partner has a controlling behavior please run away from them because the next thing you will find yourself being controlled not to see your family and friends anymore and you will be all alone by yourself with no one to look out to.

Check out the link on the video on YouTube and enjoy watching how they tackle this topic.

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