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Man kills his ex girlfriend after accusing her of using Muti on him

When couples divorce, they face all sorts of problems when they try moving on. 

A Zimbabwean man thought his ex girlfriend had bewitched him after he failed to sleep with other women soon after they broke up. 

Jonathan Mabhena was not happy that his manhood was not functioning properly and decided to confront his former lover, Gertrude Ngwenya, (50).

The confrontation turned into a physical altercation with Jonathan accusing Gertrude of having used a spell on him. 

Gertrude refuted the allegations and she told her ex boyfriend that he was bitter because of their break up. She adviced him to forget about her and to move on with his life. 

This did not go down with Jonathan and he immidiately drew a knife threatening to stab her. 

Having cornered her, he went on to stab the hapless woman and he fled leaving her bleeding in a pool of blood. 

A manhunt was launched leading to his arrest. He is expected to appear in court soon. 


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