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Husband and wife relationship

Please Help: My Mother Ruined My Marriage And I Need Your Help.

The presence of a mother is regarded as the most beautiful moment of a person's existence in the collective imagination. However, the disruption generated by a mother in her daughter's marriage should not be dismissed. Despite all odds, many couples learn late in life that welcoming a partner's parent isn't always the greatest option. Despite the fact that she ruined my relationship, I still like my mother. 

I'm a 28-year-old young woman. My marriage to a nice man was going well until my mother showed up and ruined everything. My spouse supported me and refused to allow me to work. It was great to have a mom who cared so much about my well-being. He'd tell me to stay at home and take care of him and our son, but the situation infuriated me in a positive manner. I felt as if I were a child who needed everything to be begged for. 

Because I wasn't working, I wasn't financially self-sufficient. My husband would beg me to cook something and deliver it to him on his way to work (he operates an auto parts store), but I couldn't because I was unemployed. While I was sleeping, he returned home and began cooking. When I arose, he'd wonder why I hadn't cooked. I had a tendency to get carried away, which almost always resulted in a fight. 

I quickly dialed my mother's number, who drove over to my husband's house to pick up my suitcase and accompany me. Because I thought I was entitled to more. My husband has refused to take me back as his wife today, despite my family's forgiveness. I'm in a bad mood right now. I loathe my mother for doing this. She had no legal authority to help me flee my married home in the first place. So, what am I supposed to do now? Please help me.

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