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Ways to get your ex back.

One question that can keep you awake at night and even occupy your hours of the day is: How do I get it back? Maybe you haven't even lost it yet, just taking a break.

They may still be together, but they feel love slipping away. Or maybe the relationship ended, but you know there are still a lot of feelings. Maybe out of anger you broke up to teach the other a lesson, or you just backed off and re-evaluated things.

We know the feeling. One day you decided to move on. The next day, plan how to get it back. Your friends may tell you to forget about him. You think they are right. So you want to prove everyone is wrong. You know one thing: it is time to act.

If it doesn't work, you can move on. But if you keep asking yourself, time will pass and your chances of regaining the love you once shared could be forever lost. The key is to have a strategy. This is a difficult time and you don't want to spoil it.

We've studied the advice of some of the best relationship gurus, both male and female, and worked out some guidelines to help you through this difficult time.

1. Analyze the relationship. To make this step easier, use a simple analysis technique used by skilled trainers like Brian Tracy. We're talking about the traditional T-way of decision making.

Draw a capital t on a piece of paper and make 2 columns, one labeled Positive and the other labeled Negative. In the Positive column, write the reasons why you think the two of you were a good match.

On the downside, list all the reasons you're doing better. Really see how it feels to list each point.

2. Assign weight. This exercise will help you assign weight or importance to the items you have written. For example, if you said in the “Positive” column, “We made each other happy” and it caused a lot of emotion, you could give 10 out of 10 points. But if you said in the "Negative" column: "We were always arguing" and you felt very bad, this point was also rated as very negative.

When you add up all of the points in each column and have done the exercise carefully and honestly, you have your answer. If the positive column gets the highest score, then your relationship is worth saving! When the negative wins, take a bite the bullet and make up your mind to find a new partner who will make you really happy.

3. Develop a plan Did the positives win? Great, there's a good chance you get your man back. There have been many good things in their relationship. Time to come up with a strategy to revive your romance!

No one knows how to do this better than you, but since your emotions may be a bit raw right now, here are some of these expert tips: Work on your confidence. After all, there is nothing like a breakup to undermine your mood! Make a list of all the things you can do to start building again.

Once you're feeling strong and back on top of your game, schedule a meeting with your husband for coffee. In this meeting, avoid looking needy at all costs. Start with politeness and then move on to topics that generate positive emotions.

Relationship expert Rori Raye says emotions are key to getting your man back. Nothing touches the soul like emotions.

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