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Wedding planning scene

The bride looked amazing but the groom left people in stitches see comments

You know it's everyone's dream to look good on their wedding day because it's your special day, people go an extra mile to make sure that day is perfect and they also look perfect, because you can't afford to make that mistake of not looking good. After all, all the attention will be on you that day.

Yesterday Jacob Boy Mamabolo a South African politician was getting married. Jacob as a politician people was probably expecting a lot from him on his wedding day because he's got money. But instead, he surprised them and did what they didn't expect.

One thing about people on social media they don't forget that easily, once something happens they will be sure to remind you later, even if it happened years or a year ago they will be sure to remind you about it.

Last year February 2020 Boy Mamabolo was allegedly wearing the same suit at #SONA2020 when Mbuyiseni Dlozi made fun of him in front of people on national TV telling him this is not MY PERFECT WEDDING, because of the suit he was wearing, to people's surprise yesterday a year later Boy decided to wear the suit at his wedding, reminding people of what happened last year living them in stitches.

Instead of congratulating Boy for getting married, people on social media did what they do best they started making fun of him, calling him My Perfect Wedding. Does Boy love his suit to a point that he had to wear it again at his wedding on his special day?

Or he probably did this on purpose he probably wanted to prove to Ndlozi that whatever he said last year making fun of him in front of people it's happening this year because anyway Jacob has money and he would have bought another suit if he wanted to.

There's no peace in South Africa, Let's hope he did all this on purpose and had other options, because if not this will ruin his day as it will remind him of what happened last, being humiliated like that on national TV.

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