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Husband and wife relationship

If You Don't Want Your Wife And Mother To Fight In Your House After Marriage, These Are What To Do

After marriage, sometimes mothers-in-law would like to spend time in their son's house, which many men will support because their mother and their wives are some the most important people in their lives. The mother staying in the house of her son is not the problem, the problem is whether the wife is comfortable with that. 

Sometimes, due to conflict of interest and family issues, the wife and the mother-in-law may have conflicts. All the conflicts that may arise can be solved by doing the simple things I will mention below.

1. The first step to preventing those conflicts is by defining their boundaries and limits. One of the main reasons why wives and their mother-in-law have problems is the issue of acting outside their boundaries. When a man gives his wife her boundary, and his mother has her limits, problems may not arise as much as if both of them act according to their boundaries.

2. Give them the necessary care they need. Sometimes you have to show them you love them equally because when you show that your wife is the most important thing, your mother may feel your wife has taken her son from her, and that will create conflict between your mother and your wife. Don't allow any of them to lack the love you have to offer to both of them.

3. Spend time with your mother when she comes to visit. Men, don't make the mistake of ignoring your mothers when they come to visit you in your house if you don't want a conflict to arise between your wife and your mother. Your mother must not think you are putting your wife over her, both of them need your time.

4. Finally, when buying gifts for your wife, get something for your mother, especially when she is around. This may prevent conflicts between you, your wife, and your mother.

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