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Divorce Affair

Check out what his side chick did to him after he lied to his wife about going to a business meeting

Being unfaithful to a spouse or other partner is referred to as infidelity or cheating. It usually refers to violating a promise or commitment by having sexual or romantic interactions with someone who is not your significant other.

Some people can be influenced to cheat by a simple desire for sex. Desire-driven infidelity may also be influenced by additional circumstances, such as opportunity or unmet sexual demands. However, a person who simply wants to have sex may search for opportunities to do so.

Even if they love their partner, men and women can cheat. They might act in this way if their emotional needs aren't being satisfied, if they have low self-esteem, if your relationship with them or other significant aspects of their life are experiencing substantial issues. They could find it simpler to lie than to express their emotions,

Speaking of cheating things didn't turn out for the better for this 61 year old who left home and lied to his wife that he is going to a business meeting, but instead he was meeting his side chick, who ended up stealing everything he had including clothes, the hotel staff had to give him the towel on his waist, he was seen stranded at the bus station without any money and clothes.

This should serve as an example to every men who things cheating is a good thing.


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