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Instead Of Money, Blessing Okoro Reveals The Two Things She Desires From A Man

Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, a controversial relationship and mental health therapist, has raised eyebrows after she declared that she desires anything more than money from a man. For some time now, Blessing Okoro has been making headlines for her controversial dating advice for women.

The video blogger and therapist once stated that it is women's fault because their guys do not stay in bed for more than one minute. She sparked outrage on social media when she said that guys only stay one minute in bed because their wives are too sweet for them to manage. Numerous individuals responded to what Blessing Okoro said, and the overwhelming majority agreed with her.

Blessing stated in a recent video that she is not looking for a boyfriend to give her money because she already has plenty. She stated that the only things she desires from a man are Loyalty and Reassurance. These, she believes, are the most important aspects of a relationship, rather than material possessions such as money.

She captioned the video, "This is everything many women want from a man." Confidence and loyalty! Keep your money; I am capable of making it as well”. Women desire to be reminded of their true worth. “I'm not sure how much clearer I can be, but I love you and I want you. Every day for the remainder of my life, all of you! Whatever the circumstances! That is it" — this is what the majority of women desire to hear.

The CEO of Blessing concurs with the video's assertions. "This is all I want from a man," she stated. "4ck your money, I have that as well." Give me your dam allegiance". Additionally, Blessing CEO takes advantage of the occasion to teach ladies that money should never be the primary focus of any relationship. What should matter in a relationship is commitment and confirmation of love. These two characteristics, according to Blessing CEO, are precious.

What Blessing CEO stated elicited responses from her fans. "I'm not sure what women want," a man commented. "I thought you said that any man who does not give a woman money does not love her; that love comes with giving?" ” Some people felt that money is more important than love in a relationship, while others argued that a balance of the two is optimal.

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