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Man trends after doing this to his girlfriend, see what he did to his ex girlfriends [Photos].

There are numerous methods to become famous. All of us aspire to be like someone who is famous for something. People can sometimes become famous for the wrong reasons and go viral very rapidly.

This is what happens to a man who goes viral after reportedly severely abusing his fiancée. There are some types of domestic abuse that are horrible, and this is one of them. Here's one of them: this one.

A man from Gauteng Province is on the run after allegedly beating his fiancée just last week. According to a Facebook post by Othemba Ngoma on the 10th of October 2021, her sister Zine Ngoma had been violently abused by her spouse and she wanted justice.

Pretoria West is where he calls home, and he goes by the moniker Thabiso Lebo Damane. In a Facebook post, he said that before shutting her up in their residence, Thabiso beat her up, stabbed her, and stole her smartphone. She couldn't get help if she didn't have a phone. All of this was done to her unborn friend's pregnant body.

Othemba drove to Zine's house later that day after the incident and found her dead on the floor, battered and beaten. When she was escorted to the Pretoria West police station, a report was filed and she was hospitalized. She's in the hospital right now getting treatment for her injuries.

There has been an active search for Thabiso Lebo Damane since the time of the report was made. Thabiso's whereabouts are now being sought by the police, who have released photos of him on social media in an attempt to raise awareness.

It is recommended that you contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477 if you have any information about his whereabouts. If all else fails, you can leave an anonymous tip at your local police station or download the My Saps mobile app.

There is reason to believe that this was not the first time the guy had brutally assaulted a victim. After the guy attacked them, two of his ex-girlfriends shared images of their battered bodies on social media. In the gallery below, you'll find all of the photographs we took on this trip.

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