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Remember The Lady Who Was Poisoned By Her Best Friend In 2019? See What Really Happened


One thing about life is that no one, with the exception of yourself and your mother, will wish you the best of luck. Whatever the depth of your friendship with someone, there will come a time when they will feel envious of your accomplishments. In this world, there are imposters who will be delighted to meet you and may even refer to you as a friend, all while carrying out the most heinous acts behind your back. In a group of female friends with whom you have formed a close bond, they grow jealous of you when wonderful things begin to happen to you. 

We've heard several accounts of people who were betrayed and slain by someone they considered to be their "best friend," all because of jealously on the part of that person. Those who are wiser than I believe that jealousy is the root of all evil. As soon as you begin to feel resentment toward someone who is doing good, your mind begins to wander to more sinister thoughts. 

Following all of that, people were taken aback when a woman posted images of a beautiful lady's burial on Facebook, claiming that the woman had been poisoned by her best friend after she received a promotion at her workplace. It is clear that her assailants were distressed by her success and did not want to see her doing better, which led to her making the decision to take her own life. See the photographs of her heartbreaking burial service below. 


This tragedy has touched the emotions of many people, and it should serve as a reminder to others that friendship alone is not a sufficient basis to put their faith in someone. Whatever you do, pray and ask God to guide you in making the best choices for your friends. Following the publication of this post, many people expressed their sadness, and some even went on to recount the different horrific experiences they had as a result of their connection.


These days, we have to take a hard look at our friendships. Not everyone that you refer to as a friend is, in fact, a friend. We shouldn't even consume the meals that our friends provide because you don't truly know who your adversary is. The sad element of such instances is that the culprit has a high likelihood of not being apprehended because there is a lack of actual evidence to support his or her claims. Please, everyone, pray. God is the only one who can keep us safe in this horrible world full of cruel people. May the soul of this lady rest in peace.


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