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What does it mean when your partner keeps hurting you over and over again?

The truth is love should not hurt, love is kind, love is patient and love should always be something that heals when all else seem to be going wrong.

People always associate lasting love with conquering obstacles, being strong together and to be honest that is not how love is supposed to be.

Love should freely flow, love shouldn’t be monitored or controlled. It is something that should happen naturally. The only strong and toughness that should be associated with love, it is when a person is currently facing challenges and their partner is there to hold their hand through every step of the way.

When a person keeps hurting you over and over again even when you have told them that you do not like certain things that person does not value you, they know that you will always forgive wrong behaviour hence they do it all the time. A person who values you understands your views in life and in love and tries not to do things that their partner dislikes.

Crying over unchanged behaviour means you need to sit down and think if is this love what you want, do you want to be unhappy all the time and if the challenges can not be resolved, you sometimes need to accept that and let go. Trust me there is someone out there for everyone and maybe this is not who you are supposed to be with.

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