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A Young Lady Gets Dragged on Twitter For Saying That No South African Man Can Afford Her

South Africa women taunt local men by comparing them unfavorably with foreigners. There's a wide perception among local women that foreign men are better providers, better lovers and better - mannered than South African men.

A young lady gets dragged on Twitter for saying that South African men cannot afford her.

The young young lady's username on Twitter is missm. She shared a picture picture of herself with a caption "SA Men can't afford me". She caused a stir after people saw this.

There were mixed reactions on the comments. People shared their thoughts about this. They also noticed something about her handbag.

The bag was written "Cnahel" instead of Chanel. She turned into a laughing stock after people noticed this. They mentioned that she cannot even afford an original handbag.

Counterfeit consumer goods are goods, often of inferior quality, made or sold under another's brand name without the brand's owner authorization.

People buy counterfeit goods because they are usually cheaper to purchase than the original, authentic goods. Some purchase because of the pressure they get from people who wear expensive brands.

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