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Husband and wife relationship

Wife Pays her husband R15 000 per month to do what she wants including this


There is a woman who took to her tik tok account, revealing that she pays her husband R15 000 per month so that she can do whatever she wants, and however she pleases. Julie who is 44 years old and a tik-tok user, shared a video she received from strangers about the arrangement with a guy who is 15 years her Junior, she responded to the issue of whether I should buy her items for a younger husband, she said yes anything he wants.

She revealed that she paid her husband R15 000 to do whatever she wants to, including cleaning the pool and disturbing him in his office. But she also revealed that as he denied to clean the pool, she decreased the amount for the month.

It is revealed that people are captivated by Julie's age difference between her and her husband, for she is frequently asked if she is concerned that her twenty-nine-year-old partner would leave her for someone younger. It is also revealed that when they are together, people mistake her husband for her own child.

But she revealed that the reason she goes for younger men is because of that they are still young and healthy, for they can do many things and that they are more capable of keeping up with her. Most people were interested in why their setup is perfect, with one individual declaring I will battle that man for his place.

It is pleasing to see that they are happy with the fact that in a healthy relationship even though the wife may be older, many people will invite you. The younger man as young as he is, even though he married this old woman, but he is living a happily ever after life with her.

Tell us as a reader, what do you think about this relationship? Would you say that it will last for too for too long or would you say that it will come to an end? Would you say that the woman is taking advantage of the guy or not?

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