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Important Ways To Make Him Love You More

1. Men love worthy women - that is, women who can support, comfort and understand them. Be the one to give her real hope when the going gets tough. Let her know that there is still a bright future, no matter what the current situation is. 


 2. Never force your ideas on him. Most men don't like a situation where you force things on them unnecessarily just because you think he's the best. Of course, you are doing the wrong thing by forcing him to bid, you should make some suggestions and allow him to make the final decision. That way, he'll like you more. 


 3. Always make him feel special. Of course, men also want special treatment from their wives. It might surprise him with gifts, cook his favourite food, or even give him a massage after the workday.

Avoid grumbling. Growling irritates men, which means he likes you more, you don't have to constantly remind him or complain in annoying ways. You need to learn to talk to him calmly and never respond to him every time he is angry.

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