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Do Not Do These 4 Things, No Matter How Much You Like A Woman

You should not allow infatuation or passing enchantment to influence your decisions as an adult; you should be able to make decisions on your own, without letting your emotions influence your decision-making process. Many men these days are so wrapped up in starting a relationship that they don't have time for themselves; instead, they choose to waste their time looking at photos of other women on Instagram, flirting, and wasting their time. As a result, most of them are unaware of some of the things that they are not allowed to do.

Women are really smart, they are emotionally intelligent, and if you are a slacker as a person, they will use you and dump you, which is why you should train your mind.

I'm going to show you four things you shouldn't do to a woman in this article, no matter how much you love her.

1. Do not try to get her pregnant before marriage.

It's the first thing you should never do to a woman, no matter how much you love her. Women in this era use pregnancy as an attraction, and they use it to tie up men, so if you're not smart enough and let yourself be blown away by its beauty or beauty, you might just end up on the loser

Because they have not entered your property yet, they will appear to you as the coolest female, which is of great concern. When you get her pregnant, her true color will begin to show. That is why you should not try to get a woman pregnant before marriage.

2. Do not allow him to spend the night with you.

This is something you should never do for a woman, no matter how much you desire her. You don't know what kind of a woman she is, and you don't even know her physical condition, so if you let her sleep in your house for a day and something bad happens, you will be held responsible. No one cares whether she has any health issues or not, which is why you should never let a woman sleep in your house overnight.

3. Do not allow him to move into your house until you are married.

Women and men seem to live together even before they get married, which seems to be the current trend. You must not allow this; otherwise, you may pass out and be unable to take charge of your life. As a result, patience is more important.

4. Do not reveal your ATM PIN to him.

It may sound funny, but it is the reality; it's not even that she is hiding your money behind your back, but she is most likely monitoring your account balance and using it to figure out how much money she can ask for. She won't care if you have other intentions for the money or not. So keep your ATM PIN private.

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