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PHOTOS: Mzansi left amazed after a couple celebrate 50 years of marriage

It is everyone's dream to grow old with their spouses or partners, and this is no exception. However, because of the changes in lifestyle and the way people live in the twenty-first century, It is quite rare for people to be married for a decade in today's society. Nowadays, a marriage is rarely able to continue for more than ten years. Because of the large incidence of divorces, many people have said that it is now difficult to imagine being in a relationship for 12 months. 

Back in the old days, couples used to remain with their partners until death separated them. Things, on the other hand, have entirely changed, and it is now extremely difficult for a couple to survive even a year. A guy shared a story on Twitter about a couple who have been together for 50 years. It is stated in the tweet that the couple has been married for 50 years and that they have eight children and fourteen grandchildren together. Their wedding took place in July 1970, and they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in 2021, according to their tweet. 

Similarly to modern-day couples, in the photo above, the couple can be seen wearing matching attire to the same event. Mzanzi was moved and amazed by the old couple who had grown up together and had promised each other that they would marry each other when they got married. Many people wish to live a life similar to theirs and spend many years with their partners. 

Others have noted that this serves as an example to younger people of how a marriage should be conducted in this manner. Some people in the comments section have also contributed by sharing their parents' wedding anniversaries. A man has said that his parents have also been married for 45 years. 

The couple's marriage is undoubtedly a lovely story that should serve as an inspiration to individuals who are newly married as well as those who are experiencing difficulties in their marriages to strive for their marriage to work and grow old together, no matter how difficult the situation may be. 

What are your opinions on the elderly couple who are celebrating their 50th anniversary of being together? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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