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If you are married to foreigners, prepare yourself for what is coming.

To avoid household issues, newlywed South African women should prepare to travel abroad, says the essayist. Using Twitter, she was able to get her point across and spread the word.

For this group to depart South Africa, they must be able to do any work-related activity.

For money, they could cut down trees on a farm, but some people would refuse to do so since they considered it as work done by pariahs and desired to have them removed from their lives.

Their declared desire to return to their homeland, particularly Nigeria, has been reported.

The fact that "njeh," is why I find it so upsetting to see the "absolutely Nigerians were able to bring their brides back home." or marriage ceremony, spilling blood. @sekgala has weighed in with his thoughts.

As a result of paying a $10,000 bribe to a Nigerian business firm, the women of Xhoza are now citizens of the United States of America. It's an uphill battle to meet the demand for marriages that aren't merely a publicity ploy for citizenship.

When it comes to getting a job in South Africa, foreigners often marry South Africans, even if they don't really like the person they're marrying.

As long as they use the names of their wives' families and claim to be legally married, they can remain in the United States and exercise their rights as citizens. These people are not welcome in the crime scene.


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