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SECRET : Why women dislike condoms

Condoms are generally viewed as the most secure way of having intercourse, especially among accomplices who are not lawfully hitched. 

Condom use is incredibly low among Nigerian young ladies. 

We'll check out a portion of the motivations behind why ladies hate condoms in this article. Coming up next are a portion of the reasons: 

1. Utilizing a condom diminishes the closeness of a sexual experience. 

However it is lawfully needed as far as security insurances, condoms keep ladies from feeling cozy with their accomplices since they go about as a hindrance to their man's simple touch. Numerous ladies additionally accept that utilizing a condom keeps the genuine article from happening to them and that condoms simply give a surface joy. 

2. Condoms cause ladies' vaginal dryness to increment. 

However condoms are infrequently utilized as a substitute to oil in ladies' vagina, they may evaporate the vagina and cause it to crack or tear, delivering the thought process inadequate. 

3. Condoms have a disagreeable scent. 

Ladies loathe the smell that condoms radiate after intercourse. More often than not, they distinguish a medication's scent as being undesirable to their faculties. 

4. Super slender condoms are futile. 

Super slender condoms have no effect since they give similar distress and irritation to ladies during the intercourse. 

What's your perspective with regards to this?


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