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DANIEL MARVIN: She receives money as part of roses for gifts

Daniel Marvin, one of the greatest INFLUENTIAL people in South Africa from the digital world, reveals how the lady is receiving her roses and he wants to know if all other women are also having similar experiences like hers. Daniel wants to know if they are really getting them from their husbands or boyfriends.

Engagement from those who are part of the experience of this lifestyle did not take much time to come, as how they view the whole experience and did not take much time when it comes to participation. Going through them is always fascinating, as it is from a normal point of view.


Here are the comments:

1. TSHIMANGADZO: Says boyfriends are living in poverty and this kind of lifestyle is not suitable for them, and they can't afford to have this experience. It is a living punishment, and RHULANI supports it.

2. SBU: On behalf of all husbands, he states that they are focusing their attention on other things for their families, such as caring for their parents, relatives, and anyone else who is available for their care.

3. MATLALA: According to him, putting money on the roses is taking away the true meaning of giving someone roses and it is just superficial which provides no meaningful message.

4. ZINHLE: These are fake notes, and SBU MABURA says she is having jealousy because it is clear that she is not receiving the money roses.


It is a huge battle from their point of view, and most of them are being against the experience of these roses having money around them. If you are not up for the lifestyle she is receiving, it is clear that you cannot afford it and will not do it if, you don't have all the means or you don't want to do it.

It is a choice to do it and the reality of those roses is that they will not survive much longer, they will die, and the money can be saved in the bank. Money in the current lifestyle, is all the time being placed ahead, which people see as part of love, and it is making things insufficient for other people.


The influence of money within a lifestyle is having more power and other people are not having the means because of it. It is not necessary to spend money to send an honest message to the next person.

Your thoughts?

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