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Ladies, 4 Things you do that make your man take you for granted

Women are often made to feel useless and insecure when men take them for granted, and this is especially true when men are married to women. Furthermore, most women today claim that their partner always takes them for granted, without realizing that they are sometimes the source of this behavior.

Individual variances exist among everyone, but some women do things on a consistent basis that cause their partner to take them for granted without even realizing they are doing it.

However, in this essay, I will discuss a few common behaviors that most women engage in that cause their partner to take them for granted.

1. Being overly predictable; Some women are simple to anticipate due to their characteristics.

In this circumstance, their guy knows everything about them and is probably aware of how they would respond in a certain situation, and this provides them with the chance to take their women for granted.

2. You are unable to say no!

This is an attitude that is popular among most women nowadays. Some of them find it difficult to say no to their partner's requests no matter how unreasonable.

They easily yield to things without giving them a second thought, and as a result, their guy perceives them as someone who is powerless over their circumstances. Generally speaking, such women are regarded as weaklings by males, who see this as an advantage in taking them for granted.


Most women today are fond of asking their husbands whenever they feel that their relationship is about to come to an end, which is improper. You always beg him when he threatens to quit the relationship;

Something I feel is that love should be balanced rather than based on one or the other. Consequently, if your partner threatens to leave you, it is because he does not love you, and pleading with him to stay would just give him the benefit of being able to take advantage of your situation. You will also lose your sense of self-worth as a result of this.

4. Always begging for forgiveness, even when he has wronged you; doing so communicates to a guy that you are passionately in love with him and do not want to lose him, but most men do not recognize this as a virtue.

As a women, constantly pleading with a guy for forgiveness, even though he is the one who has done wrong, may eventually cause him to take you for granted. To prevent being taken for granted, it is important for you to recognize your limits and create clear boundaries as a lady, as described above.

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