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Is your friendship toxic? Here are 5 signs that you need to let that friend go

Friendships are the cornerstone for every good relationship in life. Indeed they are the first connection we make outside of our families. When we make friends we are joined together by common interest and personalities. Which can make it hard to notice when things aren't right.

If you're having doubts here are 5 ways to confirm you need to move on.

5. You don't trust them anymore

This one is self-explanatory. In your friendship, you need to be able to trust your friend. If they are constantly proving to be unreliable to the point where you know not to depend on them for anything. It may be time to end things.

4. Their presence drains you

When friendship is new there are never any moments of dullness. But perhaps you've found yourself dreading being around this person now. You just want to get it over and done with like work? That's a bad sign.

3. You are aware they talk about you

Obviously people come up in conversation. But you have a feeling that your friend gossips about you or talks badly about you to others. This is a person who no longer respects you and why should you stay friends with them?

2. You excuse their bad behaviour to yourself and others

Your friend can make the odd comment or two in jest and it will be perfectly alright. But if they're behaving rudely/inappropriately all the time, to the point that you have to defend them, it's not looking good for you.

1. You feel used.

You feel this way because you are being used. A toxic friend is often quite manipulative. You may find yourself doing more for them then they would ever do for you. That isn't okay.

In all these signs, I think one thing has to remain true, follow your instinct. If you are feeling something off about someone there must be a reason for it and you can't ignore it forever. There are always new people who are healthier for you in the long run, you just need to find them, leave toxic friends behind in 2022. .

What do you think? Ever had a toxic friend? Let me know in the comments...💬

Thank you for your time!

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