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Opinion women are abused and still remain silent

many women today are crapled some dead because they remain silent of abusive relationships , life comes once and dont have second chance . So free yourself from those who like to destroy you . Many wife sometimes cut their life short because they fill trapped and not knowing what to do , and see solution as kiling themselves or remain silent and get killed .

Through this factors if you follow them you can be out of abusive relationships .

1. Find someone whom you trust and talk to him or her about the problem you facing , in this way you can get more advise about your problems . when someone knows your problem you can quickly get help because someone is helping , he or she can notify the police or even some family members that you may be afraid of talking to .

Never be a hero while you are in need of help because depression also can kill . If he is abusive because he got money or he always buy presents after abusing , you you must know that the present cant save your life you must be independent from the abuser who abuse because got money .

2 seek help from organizations like silent rights they help to solve your problems they can also get life coach to heal your soul and gain self esteem . Don't die in silence say it out to get help.

3 move to safe place were if something wrong happened people can help or be able to reach you quickly .


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