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How to communicate with your ancestors.



Ukuphahla is a process of burning sage (mpepo) and calling all your clan names that you are related to, calling asking for clearity, assistance or daidance and connection.

Who can Phahla?

The question of who have a right to uphahla depands on family beliefs and traditions, kodwa everyone has a right to uPhahla and connect to thier ancestors and ask for what they wish for being guidance or can communicate with your ancestors when you are gifted person and must abstain and fast for your things to be well.because if you dont do that you communicating alone they dont listen to a dirty person.

The basics of uphahla

You need sage( impepho) you light your Mpepho with matches, you tell your ancestors who are you, who are your parents, you first call your clan from your father's side and go to your mother's sides and explain why you are doing this and ask for what you wish for, NOTE: if you were raised by a single parent you call up on your Mother's side only.

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Camagu Phahla Ukuphahla


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