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"Imagine, l am still single." Girl gets asked if she is mentally okay?

It is a nice thing to be beautiful as it comes with many blessings, but there can also be negatives that can stem from being too beautiful.

The danger of being too beautiful in my opinion is that It can be hard to develop a personality when others are permanently keen to project a ready-made one onto one’s features. The beautiful are fated to be told who they are far more than they are encouraged to unearth interesting identities for themselves. 

Sometimes beautiful people can be the loneliest people on planet earth as some people may feel intimidated by them. One beautiful lady recently got many people wondering as to what could be wrong with her after she posted this.👇🏾

Most probably some of the reasons l mentioned could be keeping this girl single, or maybe she needs to some self introspection, maybe she pushes people away.

Whatever the case could be there certainly is a problem there with this girl l think, one guy even went on to ask, "Why, are you mentally okay?"

A lot of comments were shared on Twitter regarding this post, do you think there is something wrong with this girl?

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