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Heartbreaking| Ina Had Found Love After Surfing The Modimolle Monster And This Happened

Love is a beautiful thing, it is so sad that we love in a world full of monsters who treat women like punching bags. Some women have even given up on love because of their traumatic experiences and it is not the way to go. Of course its okay to take a break from love after a bad experience, but not to give up because people are not the same. Some people are not meant to stay in our lives, but they are there to be lessons and it moulds us to become strong.

It is also a good thing to leave from a toxic relationship while its still early, some people leave in coffins. Years after her brutal attack by her ex-husband, Ina Bonnette found love again, but then Covid-19 led to another tragedy. It is so sad that this woman was finally happy that she has found someone loving and extremely different from her ex, but life happened. It is so sad to lose your lover in such a manner and the idea of finding new love can be exhausting. May his would rest in peace and family find strength to go through this.

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