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Secret: 5 ways to treat your ex-girlfriend after a break up

Secret: 5 ways to treat your ex-girlfriend after a break up

Although unions are rarely started with the intention of being shattered in the end, unanticipated situations will inevitably occur. And, if this happens, a male partner can deal with the situation without making the female ex-partner feel particularly bad.

1. Most guys make the mistake of offering unworthy justifications to their ex-girlfriends when it comes to ending a relationship. However, you should provide a particular reason for ending the relationship in such a way that the female partner feels you did her a favor by ending it.

2. Return Her Calls; After a breakup, a girl who genuinely enjoyed your company in a relationship would call you at regular intervals. If she calls, though, try to answer it and give her positive feedback on whatever she wants of you so she won't have to deal with the pain of her recent heartbreak.

3. Don't Flaunt Your New Girl; Nothing stings a lady like seeing her crush in love with someone else. It would be impolite for a man to establish another relationship only a few weeks after ending the last one. Your ex-girlfriend would be so hurt that she'd think you departed to please another lady.

4. Compliment Her Achievements; Just because your relationship is over doesn't mean you should stop mentioning her. When key events such as birthdays, graduations, and other significant days occur, don't hesitate to reach out to her and lavish her with praise.

5. Pay Her a Surprise Visit; Checking up on an ex is not a sin for mature people. Visit your ex-house girlfriend at least once a month to show that you never meant to hurt her feelings by ending your previous relationship. However, don't pay her repeated visits, as this may anger her.

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