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Ezocansi: "what about STDs?" Viewers worry for couple in open relationship

Ezocansi is one of the newest shows on Moja Love. It is hosted by Alex Mthiyane and the topics range from normal to very over the top strange. But the purpose at the end of the day is to educate people and equip them with knowledge

This week was about open relationships and it got quite heated.

Open relationships are for couples who decide that they are not going to be monogamous. They them introduce a other person, be it a woman or a man, to have relations with. They decide the terms that work for them and hope it doesn't fall apart in the process.

The couple brought onto the show create adult content online together in any case. They are also on Twitter together. Samke and Blem have filmed their content with third parties and find nothing wrong with it. But their explanation about not using protection had people worried.

Social Media Response

One user wrote, "Can’t help but think diseases spread easily in such situations. #Ezocansi"

While another concerned user wrote, "I hope these two Blem and partner are on PrEP [because] the window period is not a joke. #Ezocansi"

A final user wrote, "The most common STI doesn't even require you to have sex to pass it on. HIV may cause Aids but HPV may cause cervical cancer. 80% adults are said to have HPV & condoms can't protect you. If you are lucky it goes away on its own if you are not...well cancer of the uterus #Ezocansi"

Obviously safety should always come first when sexual relations are involved. I don't think simply testing is enough. You have to be proactive about your health when it comes to this issue. O hope the young couple will choose wisely in the future.

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Source: Ezocansi on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

Check out a snippet of the show here

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