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A guy warns people not to make friends with their colleagues and people have this to say.

This is very true. Since I have 2 whatsapps, my life is so peaceful. Colleagues end up thinking you are friends and start gossiping about what you post time and time again. I can have a drink with you after work, but we are still not friends. If you test positive for alcohol the following day, they will call me and I will give you a nice final written warning. If you don't come and you were drinking with me, you don't bring a sick note. That's dishonesty. Woman shrugging

When you get into a new job, the first thing you probably think is that your colleagues will get all on you or the other way around. A Twitter user decided to share information that could benefit most people who are starting a new job or making new friends at work.A twitter user went on to tell people not to make friends because it won't end well. People flocked to agree with him and share their own experiences in such a situation.Some went on to say they had to end up quitting their job because of such a problem being betrayed by friends and colleagues. Don't forget to like and comment on this.


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