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Husband and wife relationship

A lady she is Lonely in need of man, she has been single for 20 years because of this


When a woman has stopped menstruating she needs love. She is looking for someone who is always close to her, teasing her about her love, and even giving her company. At times, many wives feel more secure when their husbands are with them.

Important things women over 40 want from a man.

You need someone to listen to.

Learn how to communicate well.

You want an independent man.

Take an interest in his present life.

Be proud of your appearance. Look good, smell good, and be trained.

Give her emotional support.

Be honest.

More than 20 years of singleness. Her husband abandoned her when her two sons were very young. The main purpose of her life in her marriage is for her husband. According to her husband, she did not show love to him. He did not visit her in the hospital if she became ill. The husband wanted to run their hardware store because he lived with people.

Her husband opposed her singing career. For example, when she was paid a ransom, her husband could have spent the money and not told her about it. “I was called one day by people who had paid my husband to go to their wedding, and he spent money without telling me. I later returned the money. ”He added.

All the while her husband did not support her in her musical career. Although she made a lot of money, she did not appreciate it.

Unfortunately, her husband forbade her to attend the shows. One day her husband asked her to choose between her career and her marriage. He chose his career and later left. According to her story, her husband later married. But to her, he is not married. Now she pleads with her husband to marry her.

”Even though I called her, she accepted everything I said. If I tell her I love her she doesn't show it. I still love her. But I also go on. "Regina Ulishinda added. Since 1999, he has not been married. According to him, he is tired of living alone. You want a partner, a lover, and a close friend. Without more than 40 years he is determined to love again.

According to her, she wants a man over 50, not a boy. Someone mature and ready to sit down. Even if a man has children he is good to go. Another thing he needs is someone to support him in his music and his ministry. On top of all that, she needs a soul mate, encouragement, a protector, and the love of her life.

Fortunately, her children are old. She is a grandmother. His songs include Jesus Winning and others

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