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Dating Romantic

Memes that will leave you in stitches

When you win the argument, but now she not talking to you. Speaking English is easier when you front of those who don't understand.

Him: You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met

Her: You just want to f*ck me!

Him: Wow! And smart too Interviewer: How long did you work during your last job?

Man: 30 years

Interviewer: What's your age?

Man: 20 years

Interviewer: You are 20 and have 30 years experience. How is that possible

Man: Overtime...This is how some people in this forum were carried off to school When you are single for too long then you enter a new relationship

Bae: Where are you?

Me: Where are you more my love

Teacher: Give an example of a business failure due to careless management?

Me: A prostitute getting pregnant.

Teacher: Leave my class. When you fall down from bike but your crush is passing by

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