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What is stopping you from dating a Zulu guy? Check out these handsome Zulu celebrities

Please note that these news platform or this article does not support the behaviour and the attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one's own tribe or social groups instead this is for entertainment purposes.

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Zulu tois one of the South African most respected tradition in our country. Following their traditional stories especially one that concerns people or explain why the Zulu nation is behaving in a certain way this may involve supernatural beings or explain certain events.

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With all the exciting myth that has been going around about the Zulu, that is what makes us want to know what could be stopping you from dating a Zulu men? Most women have been complaining if that the Zulu tribe it is hard to please.

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Under the Facebook post on the comment section people with throwing in their opinions and the experiences of dating is Zulu Guy.

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One user said the beauty of a Zulu man is how he tells you his full name, how he always referring you by his clan names, how he will not arrive at your doorstep without food, how he calls your mom his mom despite the fact that he has many others he loves and no plans to marry you.

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Most ladies found themselves complaining that their relationships with a Zulu men, they say Zulu people especially there and then I naturally stubborn to be with. But what is it that a Zulu men want?

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Respect, Zulu men demand and and expect respect from women, they do not care if you hold a high position above them or make more than them and they are never intimidated by a career spouse.

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Be a good cook, as they say the way to a man's heart it is through his stomach and Zulu men love good food and they love meat.

It is not only Zulu's but the following applies to any other men, it is by one's choice of what kind of a relationship they want to be in, with what kind of a person.


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