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Opinion: Ladies Don't Ever Marry A Man That Does These 5 Things

The onset of menopause is typically the driving force behind some women's hasty decisions to get married, as this leaves them with no time left over to start a family. Ladies, do not let the pressure of marriage push you into a marriage that is not right for you, the kind of marriage that you would later come to regret.

Before you marry any man, you should be on the lookout for certain warning flags in him and you should not disregard these signs. I will list some of these warning signals for you, and I strongly advise you not to marry a man who does any of the following five things:

1. Do not get married to a man who has ever physically assaulted you while the two of you were dating, even if it was just a slap; this is how abusive relationships begin. Even if they were aware of their husbands' aggressive tendencies, the majority of women who stayed in abusive marriages did so out of sheer stubbornness.

2. Do not marry a man who has an unhealthy relationship with his mother. This does not mean that a man should not love his mother; however, it is not a good sign when he acts like a "Mama's boy." Be wary of this individual if he often consults with his mother for approval before engaging in any activity or if he consistently complies with his mother's wishes.

3. Do not marry a man who often insults you, especially when he is furious or when you have done anything to anger him. If he is always insulting you and calling you derogatory things, you should steer clear of him since he should be able to exercise self-control.

4. Do not get married to a man who has a habit of talking too much, especially if he is always informing the whole world about his troubles or the problems in your relationship. A man should learn how to talk and avoid talking like a woman because otherwise he would wind up revealing all of your secrets as well as the secrets of your family.

5. Do not get married to a man who wants you to quit your job so that you may remain at home and be a housewife for the rest of your life. Because you won't have any money of your own to spend, he may eventually resort to using his money as a weapon against you. What will you do if he gets fired? What would happen at that point is that you would begin to flee and beg.

I am aware that many of you could disagree with me for many reasons that you are all aware of, but it is best to err on the side of caution at all times. I want to thank you for reading and ask that you please follow me, comment, and share this post.

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