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Dear Ladies, See 8 Signs You’re Dating a Mommy's Boy

If your boyfriend appears to be a little too devoted to his mother, you may be onto something. You have the sense that you are more interested in his mother than in himself. Approximately what proportion of his time is devoted to drawing unjustified parallels between the two of you?

As previously said, however, there is a huge difference between having a normal and healthy mother-son relationship and being a mother's boy. If you're not sure which category your boyfriend belongs to, here are eight signs that he's a "momma's boy," in case you're not sure which one he is.

#1 He gives her complete control over his decisions.

Okay, so if your guy lets his mother to have complete control over his life, he is referred to be a "momma's boy" by others in your circle of friends. While this may be true, there is a big difference between asking his mother for her honest opinion and letting his mother to dictate how he should spend his life. While many men respect their mothers' opinions and will seek their guidance, they will ultimately do what they feel is best for themselves. "Momma's boys" are men who will wait till their mothers tell them what they should do and then follow their mother's directions..

# 2 She continues to slice up his mealsSource

When was the last time you saw a mature man's steak being cut up by his mother at dinner? When he gets sauce on his chin after getting sauce on his face, have you ever seen him do it? Unless this is the case, consider yourself fortunate. It's just disgusting, to put it mildly. It is certainly true that grown men who let their moms to care for them are known as "momma's sons."

#3 He dumped the last girl who didn't get along with Mamma.

If he just terminated his relationship with his former girlfriend because his mother did not approve of her, he could be a momma's boy and someone you might consider dating. When it comes to his love life, most men will find it out on their own (don't you believe that sexual power has a certain amount of power?) no matter how much they like their mothers. But every now and again, you'll meet the sort of man who will dump you if his mother feels you're unfit for any kind of relationship. This has the disadvantage of ensuring that no lady will ever be good enough for her boy so long as Mama does not desire grandkids.

#4 He continues to reside at home.

Even if your guy has a secure job with a good salary and is generally a wonderful human being, he may be unable to leave the nest because his mother is giving him with much too much attention and care. That some men have opted to stay at home while they work on getting back on their feet has taken a toll on them, which is reasonable given the circumstances.

# 5 He brings her along with you on your dates.

When a man brings his mother out on a date with him, he is known as a momma's boy. This little behavior shows to you that he does not like having pleasure when his mother is not present in the room with him, as you could expect. Whatever the cause, he may be under the impression that she is lonely. Alternatively, it's possible that he thinks she's incredible. You might as well refer to him as "Momma's boy" if you're continuously the third wheel in your relationship.

# 6 He allows her to have complete control over you.

One further telling sign that you're dating a mother's son is if your boyfriend consistently defers to his mother's wishes. "Yeah mom, that's wonderful advice!" says your boyfriend when your mother offers you "useful advice" about your clothing, hair, career, sex life... or anything else, and your boyfriend simply nods his head in agreement and says, "Yeah mom, that's wonderful advice!" then he's unquestionably a mother's boy!

What are the chances that they'll ever be able to stand up to their mother in a genuine way? Her words of wisdom will be regarded as equally authoritative as the Ten Commandments in his eyes, and his children will believe that their mother is faultless in every way.

# 7 When he doesn't get his way, he calls his mother for assistance.

Were you able to tell whether or not your partner was having a bad day at work? Your man was subjected to workplace bullying, which may have come from his boss or another employee, depending on the situation. What if he went to his mother with his complaint, expecting her to address the situation... and she didn't, in the most fundamental sense... The likelihood that your man's mother went into the boss's office and demanded that he leave her kid alone is high that you're dating a mother's boy is high as well.

#8 You have a striking resemblance to her in appearance.

It happens from time to time that some men are drawn to women merely because they remind them of their own mothers (s). Strangely enough, in the realm of business, this is not an uncommon event to occur.

Men are often attracted to women who, in some ways, remind them of their mothers, in the same way that women are attracted to men who remind them of their dads, and the reverse is also true. In the end, I feel it is more an issue of comfort than anything else (it is tough to break away from a sort of relationship that you have known your entire life).

As an example, if you look just like his mother, dress exactly like his mother, and speak exactly like his mother, and he accidently calls you mom, you might face legal consequences.

Then you're dealing with someone who has an Oedipus complex, and he is almost certainly a mother's boy.

So, if your partner is exhibiting these characteristics, it may be time to urge him to man up or walk out.

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