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"My Employer Used to Chase His Family Out to Sleep With Me" Lady Narrates

During an interview with Pauline, she admitted that her boss used to chase his children and wife out of the house at night so that he could sleep with her when she was just 17 years old.

According to her mother, Pauline, in an interview with the Hungura media, her parents, who were wealthy and even had a huge tea plantation, were physically and verbally abusive to her.

Eventually, she was able to get away from home and begin looking for employment as a housekeeper.

Unfortunately, the man of the house began making sexual approaches toward the female of the house. His family was driven from their house in the middle of the night for two years as he attempted to take advantage of his wife's vulnerable position. In contrast, she was able to overcome him and make her way out of danger.

Her marriage to a random man who had fallen in love with her was quick after she fled; however, the marriage eventually proved poisonous despite repeated attempts to repair the relationship. The man she was married to was a serial cheater who was also physically violent to his wife.

Her good fortune occurred when she became a member of a church, where one of the members offered her a position as a result of her divorce. She also discovered that she have a natural ability to sing gospel songs, something she had previously overlooked.

With the help of her singing abilities and a second job on the side, she is now able to comfortably support her children and herself.

The fact that God has the ability to transform their circumstances at any time motivates her to encourage single mothers to persevere.


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Hungura Pauline


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