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A lady reveals how her mother made it difficult for her to have a relationship with her sisters

There is a lot that has been said about absent fathers, and some of us even forget that mothers can be absent too.

Women easily get away with leaving their own children in the hands of their mothers. The saddest part is that some of those children end up being raised by their grandmothers as their mothers might end up marrying someone else.

It turns out some women who get to experience being abandoned by their mothers in this manner have a lot to cry about. If your mother is not there to teach you how to be a woman, who else can you trust with your life?

A lady who calls herself "Miss Madikay" on Twitter revealed how she has been greatly affected by her mother's absence. She says her mother left her in the hands of family relatives while she was a toddler, but she managed to raise two girls who were born after her. Miss Madikay is not enjoying her life to the fullest as she reveals that she is struggling to connect with her two sisters because of what her mother did to her.

The relationship she is failing to create with her sisters is not the only thing that brings misery to her life, but she also stated that mother issues and abandonment issues have haunted her relationships with many people. She says it has been happening like that since she was young. Her mother has passed away now, and there is no way that she can fix the mess that she has created.

There is someone who told her that the issue with some black women is that they are failing to balance parenthood and marriage life. The woman who said this has promised herself that she will take her children with her as soon as she finds her own place.

I think Miss Madikay's mother should have done better as a parent. Being able to take care of other children should have reminded her that there is another girl out there who needs a mother. It is sad because the only person who gets to suffer is the one who did not choose what is coming to her.

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