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Money is needed in A Relationship: Should you leave your partner for being unemployed?

Remember the saying "money can't buy you love and happiness?, for most this is false. Money buys happiness, maybe not true love but not happiness. It is true money is important in a relationship and with the rising rate of unemployment in South Africa what happens when your partner is unemployed and you just don't want to be with them anymore due to their struggling to find work?

According to W24 conflicted reader, Angel Grootboom*, wrote to them with a question that is weighing heavily on her.

Angela wrote: "I love my boyfriend, but he is uneducated and cannot find work. He's also not educated and didn't finish high school so the chances of him finding work are slim. I no longer want to struggle with him; should I leave?"

Relationship expert Paula Quinsee replied to the reader's question and said,"Deeper traits such as values, faith, beliefs, culture, hobbies and interests, family and career aspirations are essential. When you don't do the self-work upfront to be clear on what is important to you, it will pop up down the line. You then realise that you had pre-set conditions and criteria such as money, material things, intellectualism and lifestyle, which can be a deal breaker."

It seems to be a norm for women to want men who have money and see men without money a burden. Money seems to be taking over in relationship and most have stopped dating due to not having money.

The relationship expert also added that one is not responsible for your partner's situation in life. They are where they are by the decisions they have made to date. And the only thing you can do is try to support them through their journey, but they are the only ones that need to take responsibility their situation.

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