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Husband and wife relationship

"My husband slept with my two siblings and said this to me" - Heartbroken wife cries out


It is said that there is a heartbroken woman who had just narrated her story on how she caught her unfaithful husband in bed with a young girl and her blood sisters. Just imagine the pain that newly wed bride felt seeing her own two sisters with her husband.

According to the Ghanaian lady who shared her story with Oyerepa FM, the incidents of her husband going by the name Okesie, sleeping with her two sisters took place after their wedding, and she is the one who caught them and did not hear from other people.

However, his cheating ways did not start with her siblings as she had earlier caught him with another young girl, meaning that henever quited on doing this. “I just married my husband, Okesie. After a while of dating, he asked for my hand in marriage and I agreed.

I told my family everything, and they all agreed that I should marry Okosie. I discovered after our wedding that my hubby was doing some awful things behind my back without me knowing. If i knew before i was not going to agree to his asking of hand in marriage.

“First, I caught him in our room with a very young girl. When I asked who she was, he told me the female was his ex-girlfriend. I became enraged, but when he apologized, I forgave him. After our wedding, my husband slept with my two sisters not long after. he slept with each of my sisters separately.

My mind piece.

I would say that the woman is the one to blame, why am I saying this? Because there is an old saying going on that turtles never leave their cover behind and nor do snakes change their ways.

This woman should have decided to deal with the man as soon as she caught him the first time. Her easy forgiveness gave the man the go aheads to repeat what he had just done. What do you think as a reader? Would you say you agree with me or not?


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Ghanaian Okesie Oyerepa


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