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Nomhle Lost Her Finger Because Of An Abusive Boyfriend

This young lady lost her finger because of a man. There are lot of things that women should learn about relationships. There are always red flags and this man has a way of manipulating you. This whole thing start with a slap and then tomorrow he will apologise and tell you that he did not mean to do it. Secondly he will start to control you and tell you you should be at home early so that you will cook for him. He will want to know everyone that you are talking to. He will start to tell you that your friends are jealous of you , they do not love you. When he tells you this you will keep your friends away from you. When you want to visit your family he will start to say things like when you go to family who will take care of him.

He will make sure that no one is close to you. When you go out he will make sure that he comes with you so that you will not say s word to anyone. Some will tell you what to wear and stop wearing make up , who do you want to impress. They will start to be more possessive. When you try to leave they will tell you that no one can have you other than them. Women should stop loving men more than themselves. This young lady was brutally abused by her boyfriend who has a wife. She almost lost her life but she managed to get out of the relationship. She is left with scars and lost her finger. Some men are evil and if you are parent never allow your child to stay in an abusive relationship. Never tell your child to be strong because next you will bury her.


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