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CAROLINE: Stay at home if you can't compete with your friends lifestyle


She is advising everyone who has friends but it is not possible for them to keep up with their friends' lifestyles when it comes to spending. She is clear about her concern that it is best to stay at home and you will not have to worry about trying to fit in.

If it is difficult to swimly participate without worrying while you are chilling together, it will just become a horrible time and you will find yourself spending money that you should not. Also, with another possibility of getting yourself into debt to only impress friends.


Rathabe is waking up anyone available before December, and the following month or year, you will start your year with a lot of stress of mispending your money to have a lifestyle that you cannot afford. There is a huge amount of interaction in relation to what she is advising everyone.

Comments: their reaction

1. Miss Malinga: I don't have friends.

2. Tumi: Amen.

3. Oletilwe: Hundred percent

4. Mrs. Manamela: Just be upfront with them. Tell them your financial situation and if they are willing to take you in, then you are good to go.

5. Melancoly: This is the most mature tweet. Some people are just forcing to fit in.


Caroline, she is right in the spotlight and not cracking jokes like she usually does. She is receiving all the praises for the wonderful interaction she gave them. She has stopped talking about Thembisa Monneng for a long time now, and surely she is still creating some new content.

As much as you would be laughing, it is something that everyone should be aware of. It does not go for those who are trying to fit into their friendship's standards while harming their own pockets. She has given the needed advice while it is still early, and next time someone may cry for spending too much.


What is also good about the interaction of social media is that it will be available to remind someone who has been in the wrong company if they are trying to be cool on the streets. With higher hopes, you will not entertain a lifestyle that you cannot afford to maintain it without a hassle.

Your thoughts?

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