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Signs Your Boyfriend's Mother Don't Like You

You know when your relationship is on another level when your boyfriend introduces you to his family. Things just got a little serious between the two of you.

Obviously, you'll want them to like you. But sometimes things don't to well.

Here are signs your boyfriend's mother doesn't like you.

#1 She Just Doesn't warm up to you

We'll there's no need for her to hug you, and be over the moon but if she doesn't greet you, not giving you a warm hello. That usually mean she doesn't really like and can't even fake it.

#2 She Talks about you badly behind your back

If she doesn't like you, she start inviting her friends while you're there. They'll talk about you badly saying things like you're lazy, can't cook or talk about your looks.

#3 She is Trying to Hook Her son with someone else

One of the major signs your boyfriend's mother doesn't like you is that she'll try by all means to hook up their son with someone else. Because they feel like that person is more wife material than you.

#4 Comparing with his Exes

Most annoying thing ever when your boyfriend's mother compares you to his sons exes. She try by all means to find someone who she thinks is better than you. Because you'll never be good for them.

#5 They look at you angrily

They hate and can't hide it.

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