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This is why Ramaphosa took us to level 3.see how he kissed his wife at a wedding

This is wrong on so many levels! The groom embarrassing his new wife like that & then the photographer taking pics of the groom fondling the bride’s breast & her wig falling off. I mean seriously.....Not cute & not romantic at all!

Yo!! When you want to be different but then go extreme offside.fondling the breasts as well chaai .am sure.i pray there was not an erection there.

this is cute Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing these 2 know each other's level of craziness, mogurl is soo happy and she expected that extreme kiss.

like this for them, marry someone  with your same level of craziness nd wildness. You can see that this is their love language nd it makes them happy

I can't blv i was feeling for them... I was hoping that the wig stay tight but after such romance i saw the wig going off.... I was fearing for the wedding gown to go off as well

This is why Ramaphosa took us back to level 3 halala though this was fun. go all over bru take it vele she's all yours official nowLoudly crying faceRolling on the floor laughingFace with tears of joy2020 wabantu

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Ramaphosa Yo


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