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"Women you a solution, do not give sex to a Landless man you will starve and become a prayer warrior

Sounds like you're putting women on a pedestal..

Remind those women that unlike their male counterparts, they have it easy in life because they are born with a certain degree of value. Men Unfortunately do not have that privilege. Boys need to grow into men and toil and make a mark in order for them to be valuable and be respected in society. If you want heal a people it is men who need to be treated not women. Naturally women would flock to men with sound minds and a social standing.

"Women you are the Solution. Don't give sex to a landless man. You will starve and become a prayer warrior!"

~Maponga Joshua III

How do you feel about this? Do you think the wisdom of Joshua Maponga is always building? Sometimes his wisdom, there are some of the things that he say that promotes racism. Other things that he says, they promote xenophobia. Other things that he says, they promote abuse and violence. Some things also promoter war, like this statement that he has just said now. It brings feud between men and women.

If the two people love each other, whether they have or they don't have, I don't see where you and I should come in, and in the first place men and women are attracted to each other by different things. Ii is not always money, it is not always land as he says, it is not always the job that they work, they could be something that attracts them to each other that is far beyond land, and everything else that people think that it is all there is in life.

Do I don't see this building in anyway, unless if this advice was given to girls that are still growing up. Just to say, you need to check your man first before you can actually go ahead and do the other activities that people who are in love do, because if you get pregnant with no provision for that baby, you will suffer. What does this post help to those that are already in marriage. You cannot come now and say don't give sex to that man because he doesn't have a land.

I agree with the second comment that says, "a man has to hustle as to work for him to be respected in the society" and sometimes is not easy, but the women have got an advantage and certain privileges that come by being born a woman. So you see now, does it still make sense what he said.

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