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Social Media Users React To A Man Proposing To Senior High School Leaver

A marriage proposal is an event in which one person in a relationship asks the other to marry. If accepted, it marks the beginning of an engagement, a mutual promise to marry later. It is usually ritual.

 A video circulated on social media showing a man proposing to a girl who had just finished high school. Is it okay to propose to a partner, but it seems to confuse social media users. Some of them reacted;

 "Children have no sense of shame because their parents cannot control them, and because they have free Shs, they feel that they are government property rather than family property."

 "@Apinko1: It seems that everyone is leaving a message, wait for me to say it, you like it, me too, Al is also waiting for you"

 "@Aconsbakery: I watched it five times. It was shy to walk for me"

 "@Mama_blaze: I think this should be illegal. How old are they? She is a minor, and he must be over 20 years old, which makes this not very good. asem oo"

 "@Aconsbakery: They will gossip paaaaaa... Eeeeeeiiii what we see here paaa... but I like it very much. I pray it becomes a marriage"

 "@Davidoverkott: So she went to kick the ring for the house? Oh!!!! Na wey parenting koraaaa dey shooting for this world? Ashock sef...boi"

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